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Utah awaits reforms in family health insurance

October 31st, 2022

Parents in Utah will now be able to include children,Guest Posting up to the age of 26, in their own coverage. Now 11, 600 individuals will have access to affordable health care through their parents’ coverage. This and a host of other changes await the families in Utah.
Here is a look at some of health reforms in Utah.

• Families will now be provided with tax credits to ensure that they have affordable coverage. Tax credits will also benefit 40,500 small business firms who provide insurance to employees and their families.

• A $5 billion temporary early retiree reinsurance program will help 38, 500 people and their families. This program will be effective from June 1, 2010.

• Since more Utahns will be covered, cost-shifting will be eliminated. Families earlier had to pay $1000 more due to cost-shifting.

• The Utah health insurance Exchange will provide families with insurance choices to increase competition and enable more consumer choice. Families can compare the cost and benefits to choose a coverage that is affordable.

Utah Construction – Tips on Finding a Job in Construction in Utah

April 21st, 2022

Utah is one of the most unique states in the US. It is unique in the sense that the state has bountiful of nature’s gifts and at the same time, of a total population of just a little over 2.5 million people – 80% of which is concentrated around the salt lake region alone! That clearly shows the picture that rest of the state is quite sparsely populated. It is state in the western part of the US and has been naturally endowed with one of the driest places on earth (Arizona) on the south, the canyons of Colorado towards the east, Wyoming around the north-east and another desert – Nevada on the west! That makes Utah a state filled with nature’s paradoxes!

If you’re looking for a construction job in Utah, you’re in for a real treat because according to US statisticians, for more than half of the running decade, Utah was the fastest growing state in the country! And the major pull in the state came from St. George again in Utah which witnessed a stupendous growth for almost 5 years in a row! Having already mentioned that Salt Lake region has more than 80% of the total population of the state, Utah has been witnessing a huge investment in infrastructure development. That means, there is a general emphasis on construction jobs in Utah – quite naturally, there is a recruitment overdrive in the construction sector in the state.

Infrastructure Boom

The state has of recent from the past decade witnessed a huge investment and has become a hub of transportation, R&D work and Information Technology related services. Tourism also contributes to the income of the state. Interestingly, it was the income from tourism that was used for further development of the region, which was otherwise sparsely inhabited! After profits from construction businesses, the money rolled and today, Salt Lake City is one of the priciest urban conglomerates in the US! Toady, the median income of the state is almost touching the $60,000 figure!

Scandinavian influence is seen quite a lot in the state of Utah, thanks to the 17% of the Scandinavian speakers. Thus, the architecture often has a touch of Scandinavian styles. Mining and petroleum refining also has a huge impact on the income of the state making it one of rich states in the US; the source of income in the state just seems to be unending as people make money from mining, refining, tourism, business and of course construction jobs! No wonder, it is major draw fro young and fresh minds who want a piece of the construction business in Utah.

Utah has an uninterrupted road and transport network and thus the road construction in the state has developed quite a bit. Utah which was almost an uninhabited region in the past century has quite a lot to offer in terms of money and natural beauty. Thankfully, the Governors realized this and capitalized on the same. If you’re looking for a satisfying job in construction, look no beyond!